Matte Black Olive Oil Bottle | 21oz
Matte Black Olive Oil Bottle | 21oz
GHARYAN Stoneware

Matte Black Olive Oil Bottle | 21oz

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This handmade, ceramic bottle is perfect for oil, vinegar or maple syrup. Its sleek and minimal design fits perfectly in any kitchen. 


7.9" H x 3" W

Food safe. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Handmade Material: Enameled stoneware. Completely free of toxic heavy metals 

Made in he Cap Bon peninsula in Tunisia, an area steeped in the deeply ancient tradition of pottery, where it is guaranteed that workers benefit from social insurances, 8 hour work days, enrolment with the Tunisian National Labour Union, safe working conditions, no child labour, and no labour exploitation. Fair trade and sustainably made.

Gharyan Stoneware is based in Montreal, Quebec