Cupuacu + Broccoli Seed Oil Hair Mask
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Cupuacu + Broccoli Seed Oil Hair Mask

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Take care of your hair with this moisturizing hair mask. Featuring a sunny, sweet aroma with unique floral, spicy edge. Cupuacu Butter helps lock in much needed moisture into your hair, while Brocolli Seed Oil acts as a natural altenative to silicones.

Smells Like : Bergamot + Cedarwood

Directions : Take 1 Hair Masque cube. Add 1/4 cup of just boiled water and add to a heat safe container. Stir cube until its fully dissolved. Allow to cool. Apply a liberal amount to roots and tips. Allow to sit for 5 - 20 minutes. Rinse as usual. For use weekly to bi-weekly.

Cruelty Free

Plant Based

Comes in recyclable packaging.

Fredericton, New Brunswick