Lavender Silk Eye Pillow | Rose Quartz
Lavender Silk Eye Pillow | Rose Quartz

Lavender Silk Eye Pillow | Rose Quartz

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Infuse your savasana with love. The Rose Quartz Silk Eye Pillow is pure bliss during restorative yoga, before bed, or after screentime. Organic wheat berry, rose quartz gemstones and a lavender fill is naturally cooling, soothes dry eyes and relaxes the mind and body. Rose Quartz is a love stone. Whether it be love for one's self, the ability to love another, or unconditional love as a whole. Deeply connected to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is said to open and purify the heart which ultimately leads to love, friendship, and inner peace.

Heating instructions:

Remove cover & set aside. Lay the pillow as flat as possible on turntable and heat in 30-second intervals until you reach your desired temperature.
Made in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia